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What do visitors think?

Posted on 28 January, 2018

Have you ever wondered what visitors think after visiting your church?
Well, here are two examples that reached our Editor’s desk.

Weston SDA ChurchBecause my son lives just south of Weston-super-Mare, I often visit the local church for Sabbath worship.
What a delight it was to visit on 7 October. It was their annual thanksgiving service for the bountiful harvest God had provided. Their wonderful display of fruit, vegetables and various dry goods and tins was going to the local food bank, and one of the organisers, Donna, had come along to give everyone an insight into their work. It was so uplifting to hear her tell of a Christian organisation that was doing such valuable work in the community.
It was also very special because when the worship service began the church was packed to capacity. At least 12 visitors from the local community were there, regular attendees of the very successful craft club and vegetarian cookery class the church is running!
To add to the joy of worship the young people, of all ages and abilities, sang and played two beautiful songs.
It was a great day for all the members of the church because it was the first Sabbath for most of them to meet their new pastor, Rio Espulgar. They had been without a pastor for some time and retired pastor, Islwyn Rees, had stepped into the breach.
After the service of thanksgiving Pastor Espulgar sang, accompanied by his very talented young daughter.
The potluck lunch was enjoyed by all, and I thank you all at Westonfor a wonderful, uplifting Sabbath.


Note: Article copied from Messenger magazine.